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NEW! The Supreme Court & The First Amendment

4-Week Program - Once Per Week
Open to Students in Grades 9 - 12

Now enrolling for November!

Take a Masterclass on Cases Defining & Defending Our Freedoms

What role does free speech have in modern society? Are there limits on free expression?  In school attire? In social media? Who decides?  High School students are invited to join us to probe Supreme Court cases defining and defending The First Amendment, a cornerstone of American democracy. This exciting new class is led by celebrated former ACLU attorney Chris Hansen, who has argued and won multiple landmark cases in the Supreme Court.

Special Topics – Live & Online

Quick Facts:

  • Dates: 4 Sessions – Nov. 12, Nov. 19, Dec. 3, and Dec. 10, 2020
  • Time: Thursdays at 7pm
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Tuition: $400
  • Limited to only 20 students!

The Supreme Court & First Amendment
Students will be challenged to review key cases brought before the Supreme Court, examine the arguments, and debate within class to determine whether or not there is still work to be done. Historic cases for review include Tinker v. Des Moines (attire related to protest at school), NY Times v. Sullivan (what constitutes libel), and more!

Meet Chris Hansen

Mr. Hansen worked as an attorney with the national ACLU for over two decades where he held the position of senior staff counsel. In that capacity, he was lead counsel in Reno v. ACLU, the ACLU's historic and successful challenge to federal Internet content regulations. He was also lead counsel in the first -- and equally successful -- challenges to state censorship statutes in Georgia (ACLU v. Miller) and New York (ALA v. Pataki).  And, most recently in the Association for Molecular Pathology, et al. v. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, et al., otherwise known as the human genome case, where his successful arguments led to a rare unanimous Supreme Court decision.

An expert in complex litigation, Mr. Hansen has acted as lead counsel in a wide variety of landmark cases, including Brown v. Board of Education, a reopened case that forced a Kansas school district to honor the Supreme Court's mandate and desegregate the public schools; and G.L. v. Zumwalt. He also authored the ACLU's amicus brief in Jones v. Clinton, in which he successfully argued that the President is not entitled to automatic immunity for acts taken prior to his Presidency.

Mr. Hansen has lectured at law schools including Yale, University of Utah, Rutgers, Pace, Touro and New York University. He has written extensively on civil liberties issues and is considered an expert in this field.

A Unique Opportunity to Learn Alongside an Expert

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from a celebrated ACLU lawyer as you dive into Constitutional Law. Gain insight into the workings of the Supreme Court, the application of the First Amendment in key disputes, and see how precedent setting cases were argued and ultimately decided. Enrollment is limited to 20 students. Don’t miss your chance, register now.

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