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Mary M. Coupens, Great Books Reading Scholarship

The Open Books Foundation and the Great Books Summer Program are pleased to present the Mary M. Coupens, Great Books Reading Scholarship, new for the 2020 summer season.

Mary, known to friends and colleagues as Peggy, is a retired educator whose greatest loves are Colorado Springs, teaching, reading, and her grandchildren. Peggy spent her teaching career in the public school system. She was known as an exceptional teacher who strove to personalize learning for every student.

Ever an educator, Peggy ran after-school programs and was instrumental in developing the Gifted and Talented Program for Colorado Spring’s Harrison School District.

Peggy is an inspiring lifelong learner and avid reader. She is a beacon in the darkness who has given thousands of students the courage and strength to lead their best lives.

The Open Books Foundation is proud to honor Peggy Coupens’ continuing legacy, with a full one week scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded to a Colorado Springs Public School High School student who demonstrates a love of learning, a desire to read great literature, and discuss inspiring ideas.

Please note that the Mary M. Coupens Great Books Reading Scholarship applicant must write a minimum 400-word essay in response to the following prompt:
1. Discuss what your favorite ‘Great Book’ is, and what it means to you.
2. Why do you think it is important to read the ‘Great Books’ and to be able to understand and discuss them?

The recipient will receive a one-week full scholarship including transportation to attend the Great Books Summer Program at Amherst College in Amherst, MA.

Applicants who do not receive the Mary M. Coupens Great Books Reading Scholarship will automatically be considered for general financial aid.


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