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On Campus and Online:
Great Books is on for Summer 2020!

Great Books Online & More

Great Books Summer Program is still nearly four months away, and we expect to be open for business as usual on all campuses and locations.

We are proactively building Great Books Online: an innovative new way to bring students together in exciting virtual classrooms and discussions with our distinguished Great Books professors and scholars. Please Note: we plan to offer both options and will give you the choice.

Great Books Online will include:

  • Dynamic shared inquiry gatherings online.
  • Award-winning faculty.
  • Debates. Discussion.
  • Author guests. Cool electives. Book chats.
  • Public speaking and leadership classes.
  • Creative writing and arts classes.
  • Active discussion that makes Great Books unique and effective.

And it’s all online!

Even better news: Let's connect now!

We have launched a free online series called In Conversation with... Each week a member of our esteemed faculty is leading a session on poetry, short fiction, or art.

Great Books Online is just one way we are making sure literary exploration is available for everyone. 

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No Worry Guarantee

Extended Refund Policy

We appreciate that travel restrictions implemented by the U.S. federal government are in place. We want to help you continue to plan for summer knowing that you’re protected in the event that these restrictions are not lifted before camp. We have extended our refund policy to April 8 to allow families more time.

Also, if travel restrictions are not lifted or if the session your child is enrolled in must be canceled by Great Books Summer Program, you will be notified and offered any and all alternatives and that you will be issued a full refund of tuition and fees received by Great Books if we have nothing that works for you.

As we do every year, Great Books recommends trip insurance, and we urge you to read policies closely to ensure that they match your needs. Please consider a comprehensive policy with Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) coverage once you register. In addition to sources you may have locally, you may view and find some options on and other similar sites.

We are here for you as you plan for 2020!

For more information or questions, email us or call/text 203-612-9470.

Shared Inquiry 

The Socratic Method

Teaching by Asking Questions

Shared Inquiry is a method of teaching and learning that enables students to explore the ideas, meaning, and information found in everything they read. Young people from all over the world come together with distinguished educators to take up the timeless questions at the core of humanity. What does it mean to live a good life? What do I owe my neighbor? What must I do in the face of injustice?

The Shared Inquiry methodology dates back to Socrates and centers on interpretive questions that have more than one plausible answer and can lead to engaging, and insightful conversations about the text. It is based on the conviction that participants can gain a deeper understanding of a text when they work together and are prompted by the skilled questioning of their discussion leader.

Our educators stoke students' intellectual fires by asking careful questions, really listening to the student.


The Real Difference: Distinguished Faculty

Hailing from Harvard, Yale, Amherst, Standford, Oxford...

Prize-winning authors, scholars, and award-winning teachers

Each Great Books session is led by distinguished university professors, gifted teachers, and scholars from the finest educational institutions in the country whose wide range of interests and background enrich each student’s experience. Our dedicated educators challenge students to cultivate their best critical-thinking skills and confidently articulate ideas in lively seminars.

It is through this unique combination of academic rigor and supportive environment that our distinguished faculty gives students the tools and confidence to take the academic risks that foster meaningful growth. Imagine your son or daughter discussing Walt Whitman with a Ph.D. candidate teaching undergraduates at Stanford or having lunch with a prize-winning author.  


What Our Parents Say

See all our parent testimonials

Alison S., Ohio
"Thank you very much for all you did to allow Hilary to take part in your program. From a parent's standpoint it was phenomenal. I so appreciated the supervision that took place and the college kids who help with this. Hilary was very influenced by them and has come home determined to do her best in high school so that she can go to one of the colleges her PAs go to."

Bruce B., Florida
"I can tell you that our son Drew, who spent his week at Stanford, was thrilled with the program, said it was the most fun he ever had away from home, and wished the program lasted longer—he really wasn't ready to come back. It was really a terrific success."

Debbie L., Connecticut
"My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the program and did not stop talking about it when she got home. We're thrilled to hear about the two-week program. You guys are doing a great job!"



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